Melbourne: Our Office Location

What is Trip'inion?

Trip’inion is a bootstrap travel and social media startup in its initial stages of development. Based in Melbourne, our goal is to bring honest and relevant travel content to our community whilst fostering the development of blogging as a primary source of information. Trip’inion allows our readers to connect to great travel sources via "the map", bringing the world’s best bloggers directly to them.


Peter Clay

Peter Clay Co-Founder, Technical Director & Blogger

Peter is a well travelled tourism professional and has worked in the tourism industry for over ten years in the UK, Indonesia and Australia.

Trip’inion first came to life when Peter was searching for blogs on Oman for an upcoming holiday. Realising there was no easy way to search all the travel blogs in the world at once, he thought of a simple website that could do this for him. With that in mind, the Trip’inion project was born.

A blogger himself at The Travel Project and a strong advocate of blogging as a serious medium for content sharing, Peter understands that Travel Blogs represent one of the most honest and up to date sources of travel information available.

Niki Curtis

Nicole Curtis Co-Founder & Creative Advisor

Hailing from Melbourne, Niki thrives on culture, arts, originality, food and the elixir of life, which she also calls coffee. Niki is our photographer, creative advisor and all round positive thinker. Niki has independently drunk coffee in over 26 countries and fiercely argues that Melbourne still has the best drop. Hence why Trip'inion's head office is located there.