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Hong Kong

#CityAdventures Off the Beaten Track in Hong Kong

Looking for something different to do in Hong Kong? Everyone seems to do the same things in Hong Kong. They go up to Victoria Peak, take a ride on the Star... Read More

Travel Post by Runaway Juno on the 29-09-16

5 Tips on finding Cheap Flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong

A flight is the best and fastest way to travel among different countries. This is the reason why nearly all the travellers choose an international flight whenever they have to travel... Read More

Travel Post by Smiling Faces Travel Photos on the 28-07-16

19 of The Best Things to do in Hong Kong

If someone were to ask me what my favourite city in the world is, it would be a toss up between New York City and Hong Kong. I love New York... Read More

Travel Post by ThePlanetD on the 05-05-16

Hong Kong Travel Lookbook & My Travel Outfit Styling Tips

So I just returned home from Hong Kong, one of my absolute favourite cities for both its eclectic fashion scene and melting-pot type of cultural scene. Now, where to begin? Of... Read More

Travel Post by Lace n Ruffles on the 30-10-15

Why To Consider A Hong Kong Stopover On Your Next Trip

For the last year or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in partnership with Cathay Pacific on a couple of different projects. As a big fan of airlines, working... Read More

Travel Post by LandLopers on the 18-06-15

Shopping in Hong Kong: the opulent, the questionable and the affordable.

Shopping in Hong Kong is a major pastime for both locals and tourists. Here are your options and what to consider when planning a shopping trip. The post Shopping in Hong... Read More

Travel Post by Solo Traveler on the 10-06-15 Got me Hiking in Hong Kong: And it was #$@&%*! hard! is a great way for solo travelers to meet locals. I used it to go hiking in Hong Kong but found it more difficult than expected. The post Got... Read More

Travel Post by Solo Traveler on the 03-06-15

The most irresistible Macau food

As you guys know, I’m based in Asia and it’s my base when I put my backpack down. Also, after launching a new startup in Hong Kong recently I spend a... Read More

Travel Post by One Step 4ward on the 31-05-15

Hong Kong – Island of a Thousand Stories

For a city-state that dynamited two mountains and pushed the shattered remnants into the sea to grow its airport, for an engine of global capitalism that brands its banks in... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 23-05-15

Experiencing Hong Kong for the first time

Our first trip to Hong Kong I’ve been thinking about Asia a lot lately. We used to spend a lot of time traveling around Asia but it’s been almost 6 years since... Read More

Travel Post by Traveling Canucks on the 27-04-15

Driving in Hong Kong

Cosmos This is truly a great series, and I recommend you pick it up and enjoy it with the family. The kids here love it and Tina and I are always impressed... Read More

Travel Post by Stuck In Customs on the 19-04-15

A Special Event in Wanaka and…a Panorama of Hong Kong

Upcoming PhotoWalks and events including the Venice Photowalk We’re about to announce a whole new slew of photowalks and events! Be sure to check the Events page for more! Follow me on... Read More

Travel Post by Stuck In Customs on the 09-04-15

Why Hong Kong is My Favorite City for Solo Travel

I’ve been to Hong Kong three times now, and every time I’ve been completely, deliciously alone. It’s not that I planned things that way. The first two times I was doing a... Read More

Travel Post by Twenty-Something Travel on the 09-03-15

Hong Kong: 5 Places that Dazzle by Night

Hong Kong is a city of storied beauty. Having a rich six thousand year old history, this city has something for all travelers. However the breathtaking Hong Kong nightlife is seldom... Read More

Travel Post by Backpacking Travel Blog on the 14-11-14

Things to do in Hong Kong – Sunday Spotlight

Image via Shutterstock Welcome to this weeks edition of the Sunday Spotlight – Things to do in Hong Kong. The Sunday Spotlight series is a collaboration of travel tips and stories shared by other bloggers... Read More

Travel Post by Ytravel on the 13-09-14

Lantau Island: A Green Escape From Hong Kong

I first noticed it while walking along the Wisdom Path. I stopped in my tracks. Just listened. Despite the fact that Hong Kong was just kilometers away, all I could hear around me... Read More

Travel Post by A Dangerous Business on the 03-02-14

New Year’s Eve at The Peninsula Hong Kong: So Glam, So Fine!

Hong Kong is a place that takes things so seriously when it comes to party time. During the month of end-of-year festivity in December, the whole town comes out to... Read More

Travel Post by Lace n Ruffles on the 03-02-14

Oh My Quirky Hong Kong! A Photo Diary

Looking beyond the concrete boxes and the explosive neon lights in Hong Kong, there’re always something fresh and quirly that catch me eyes every time I pay a visit to my... Read More

Travel Post by Lace n Ruffles on the 18-01-14

Hong Kong: Food, Lights & Big Crowds

Giant billboards, illegible signs, loud pop music, and masses of people walking shoulder to shoulder. Earlier last year I had the chance to spend a few weeks hanging out in Hong Kong,... Read More

Travel Post by That Backpacker on the 18-01-14

RTW Diaries: I’m Off to Southeast Asia!

If you remember back to mid-October, I made a major change to my travel plans. What was originally supposed to be a 5- or 6-month trip around the world got cut... Read More

Travel Post by A Dangerous Business on the 13-01-14

Coming Home?

Like most things to do with travel insurance, extracting us from Hong Kong takes longer than you could possibly think. On Thursday, we’re going to fly on Friday. On Friday, we’re going... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 23-11-13

Fit to Fly?

It’s an indulgent buckshee week in Hong Kong. Zac and dad head to the movies, to the arcades, barely surfacing from the air-conditioned tunnels and plazas that link one mall to... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 17-11-13

Top Ten Things to Do in Hong Kong with Kids

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Hong Kong by now – it’s actually a great place to visit with kids — and yet I’ve barely written about it. So,... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 16-11-13

The American Film Institute Launches Landmark Chinese Cultural Exchange Program With New Scholarship Initiative

Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2013 – The American Film Institute (AFI) today announced its AFI/IDG China Story Fellowship, a new scholarship program at the world-renowned AFI Conservatory aimed at developing... Read More

Travel Post by Daves Travel Corner on the 15-11-13

No Stress

Zac emerges from his anaesthetic quite comically belligerent, a state that isn’t helped by Helen, the anaesthetist, and Doctor Wong, who are standing beside him giggling. “GET THE BLOODY NURSES TO... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 14-11-13

Good to Go!

There’s a bustle in the room when I snap awake, an orderly cluster of pastel-dressed nurses, neat in pink, apricot, mauve and chocolate, emitting the sort of gentle efficiency that, as... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 10-11-13

The Longest Night

After Zac’s epic and terrifying reaction to Stemetil, I am now quietly confident that everything that could go wrong already has. After a refreshing cigarette or five, I locate the floor... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 06-11-13

Top 5 Places to Visit in Hong Kong by Night

Hong Kong is a very dynamic city and it boasts one of the best skylines in the world. Its rich history is reflected in the architecture and its cityscape. Hong Kong... Read More

Travel Post by Nomadic Samuel on the 04-11-13

What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The Union hospital stands tower-high among the green hills of the Sha Tin district in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Jungle winds between luxury condos, car lights wend their way to glittering... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 04-11-13

Air Ambulance to Hong Kong

It would be a strange — or very wealthy — person who wasn’t excited about travelling on a private jet. Sure, in our case, said private jet is an air ambulance,... Read More

Travel Post by EscapeArtistes on the 01-11-13