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30 Reasons to Visit Belize

Coming from the dry ochre desert of Oaxaca, Belize was humid, lush, and full of delicious food. My trip to the country was brief but memorable. And I’m not even talking about the scars on my... Read More

Travel Post by Legal Nomads on the 28-09-16

Exploring Firsts in Placencia Belize

I watched her expressions as she dipped a toe in the ocean for the first time in her life. As an aunt I may not get to see their first... Read More

Travel Post by Otts World on the 05-11-15

Under the Sea in Belize

The engines revved as we left the harbor, our bodies got into the rhythm of the boat slicing through the waves and the salty wind and spray covering our faces. Belize... Read More

Travel Post by Otts World on the 03-11-15

3 Ways to Explore Belize Caves

Much of Belize is actually hollow in a way – beneath the surface can be found some of the most extensive cave systems on the planet. Caving in Belize is... Read More

Travel Post by Otts World on the 22-10-15

Taking Flight in Belize

All the air vents pointed towards her blowing full blast, however she was still hot and visibly unsettled as we got about 10 minutes into the first flight. I can feel... Read More

Travel Post by Otts World on the 15-10-15

Week In-stagram Review Belize

When you turn 16 years old you can choose anywhere in the world and I will take you there; that’s the premise of the Niece Project.  My fourth niece, Allie, chose... Read More

Travel Post by Otts World on the 28-07-15

AK Monthly Recap: May 2015

May 2015 is going down in history as one of the funnest months of my life. I’ve had a lot of good months in my life — March and April of this... Read More

Travel Post by Adventurous Kate on the 01-06-15

Belize, I Like You, But…

After a quick side trip to Tikal, we returned to Belize and headed for the coast. What it lacked in jungles and ruins, it seemed to more make up for... Read More

Travel Post by Whats Dave Doing? on the 03-09-14

Getting Hot and Sweaty in San Ignacio

After the bloody introduction we’d had to Belize, I figured our time in this small Central American country could only improve. We’d marked out a vague itinerary for our two... Read More

Travel Post by Whats Dave Doing? on the 11-08-14

Caye Caulker, Belize – How (not) to go to jail?

Once upon a time, on Caye Caulker island in Belize, I experienced how it feels like to be arrested. For nothing. I was sitting on a terrace of my hostel and... Read More

Travel Post by Unboxing Traveller on the 11-06-14

A Bloody Welcome to Belize

              CommentsCool I look forward to reading more about Belize. Ah yes have ... by Alex HeffronWe literally only spent a couple of nights... Read More

Travel Post by Whats Dave Doing? on the 01-06-14

Destination Travel Guide: Adventures in Belize!

If you are looking for a tropical location that offers stunning beaches, vast coral reefs, amazing caves, and a laid back attitude to life, look no further. It’s why Belize... Read More

Travel Post by PhotoFly Travel Club on the 20-11-13

Belize Travel – Caye Caulker

2 Backpackers Travel Community - Belize Travel – Caye Caulker Subscribe Now -> Caye Caulker, an island with the motto “Go Slow” and not a single paved road, has become Belize’s... Read More

Travel Post by 2 Backpackers on the 17-08-13