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A Day Trip to Andorra from Barcelona

The mysterious country Andorra wasn’t on my original itinerary for Europe this summer. From my launch pad in Copenhagen, I planned to head to Athens, then upward into Albania and through the Balkans until... Read More

Travel Post by Adventurous Kate on the 24-07-15

Caldea Andorra: A Mountain Spa with Laser Light Show

The warm water’s current pulled me outside the glass and steel structure, where my head was suddenly exposed to the freezing temperatures... Read More

Travel Post by Go Backpacking on the 26-05-15

Winter Wonderland of Andorra

Part of the European Union, Andorra is a small country that is duty free located in Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains near France. The official language is Catalan, the language spoken... Read More

Travel Post by Arriving in High Heels on the 05-11-15